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Wicked Pixel Cinema News

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Wicked Pixel Cinema is a production company formed in 1995 to produce feature length independent movies for world-wide home video release.  Eric Stanze, owner and president of Wicked Pixel Cinema, is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning producer, director, writer, and editor.

Stanze formed the company in his mid-20′s, after completing his first feature film, SAVAGE HARVEST, directed when he was only 21 years old.  The company’s first release was SAVAGE HARVEST and their first production was ICE FROM THE SUN, also directed by Eric Stanze.

Wicked Pixel Cinema quickly earned a reputation for producing award-winning independent feature films that seldom played it safe and never followed the current trend.

ICE FROM THE SUN would go on to win Best Horror / Experimental Feature at the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival.

Immediately after ICE FROM THE SUN, Wicked Pixel Cinema unleashed the controversial and critically-acclaimed SCRAPBOOK, directed by Eric Stanze, and starring Emily Haack and Tommy Biondo.  SCRAPBOOK was named Best Independent Film Of The Year by Rue Morgue Magazine.

Jason Christ then wrote and directed SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD, the sequel to the movie that started it all.  Stanze functioned as executive producer and, due to some inventive casting, found himself playing a lead role in this sequel to a film he had directed.  SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD also starred Emily Haack, who had received tremendous critical praise for her performance in SCRAPBOOK.

Stanze directed, wrote, shot, and edited Wicked Pixel Cinema’s next feature film, DEADWOOD PARK.  The plot of this movie spans more than half a century and includes many sequences set on the battlefields of World War 2.

This “epic indie” was incredibly difficult to make, shooting in five different U.S. states over the course of 55 shooting days, spread out over eight months.  DEADWOOD PARK ranks as the most logistically complex production ever achieved at its budget level.

The film received glowing reviews on the web and in print around the world.  Both Rue Morgue Magazine and Fangoria Magazine reviewed the film and gave it high recommendations.  DEADWOOD PARK won Best Feature and Best Cinematography when it premiered at the Freak Show Film Fest in Orlando, Florida.

Wicked Pixel Cinema has released its movies through tiny distributors as well as major distribution companies such as Image Entertainment, Elite Entertainment, and Koch Entertainment.  Wicked Pixel Cinema flourished in the final years of VHS, and was a pioneering force in the infancy of the DVD market (ICE FROM THE SUN was one of the first independent films to be released on DVD).  Today, Wicked Pixel Cinema is one of the longest running companies of its kind in the world.

For Stanze and his team, Wicked Pixel Cinema was formed as a business, a creative collaboration, an educational experience, and – first and foremost – an adventure.

After fifteen years of operation, Wicked Pixel Cinema completed the feature film RATLINE, the first movie to be distributed by Wicked Pixel Cinema itself instead of by an outside distribution company.  The film was released to remarkable critical acclaim, and it landed on several year-end “Best Films Of 2011″ lists.

The release of RATLINE ushered in a phase of transition for Wicked Pixel Cinema.  President Eric Stanze and Vice Presidents Jeremy Wallace and Jason Christ began to re-evaluate Wicked Pixel Cinema, how it functions, why it functions, and what new purpose the company may have in the future.  These filmmakers also began to consider what new opportunities may await them outside of this company they’ve nurtured for so many years.  A follow-up to RATLINE has not been announced.