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Wicked Pixel Cinema News

Eric Stanze’s Twitter

Props Sale FB Post

One-of-a-kind props, pieces of wardrobe, and special effects from past Eric Stanze movies are up for grabs!  Free shipping within the US!  Profit from each sale goes directly into the budget of IN MEMORY OF.  Plus, with each purchase, you’ll receive the link and password to Eric Stanze’s private online IN MEMORY OF production journal!

Snag your piece of indie cult film history here.


Wicked Pixel Cinema’s upcoming feature film STOPLIGHT has officially undergone a title change to IN MEMORY OF.

Support this film, directed by Eric Stanze, by pre-ordering here!  All pre-ordered Blu-rays will arrive two weeks before the official street date! You will also be given the link and password to Eric Stanze’s private online IN MEMORY OF production journal.

IN MEMORY OF stars Jason Christ and Adam Ahlbrandt.  (More casting news coming soon!)  Music score by Rocky Gray.

Rocky Gray

Musician / producer / composer Rocky Gray has joined the creative team to create the music score for Eric Stanze’s upcoming film. Gray is the guitarist of Living Sacrifice and Even Devils Die, the drummer of We Are The Fallen, and he is the former drummer of Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum goth rockers Evanescence.

When not writing and recording with his own bands, he produces and mixes bands from all over the world. To create the music for the next Eric Stanze movie, Rocky Gray is pairing up with Gus Stevenson, who composed the music score for RATLINE.

Jason Christ to star in STOPLIGHT

Jason Christ will play a starring role in Eric Stanze’s upcoming film.  Christ emerged on the indie cinema scene playing a supporting role in Eric Stanze’s trail-blazing film ICE FROM THE SUN. Christ’s subsequent appearances on screen spanned small cameos to leading roles in numerous indie films.

He played a supporting role in Stanze’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed DEADWOOD PARK.

Most recently, Jason Christ starred in RATLINE, which has received a landslide of glowing reviews from around the globe.

Christ is the director of the short films VISION, BLURRED, VICTIM, and THE QUIET PLACE. His short film CURVEBALL: PILE OF JUNK earned multiple awards, including the prestigious Cine Eagle award.

Christ wrote and directed the feature film SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD.

Casting CallWicked Pixel Cinema is casting for multiple projects, including the upcoming Eric Stanze film. Submission instructions are here.