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Wicked Pixel Cinema News

Eric Stanze’s Twitter

IN MEMORY OF writer/director Eric Stanze is interviewed by the Piecing It Together Podcast about the cinematic inspirations that fueled the creation of IN MEMORY OF.  Put your ears to it here.

The Two-Disc Blu-ray release of IN MEMORY OF is available here.

Trailer and details about the film are here.

IN MEMORY OF stars Jackie Kelly and Jason Christ, who co-wrote the screenplay with Stanze. The film also stars Emily Haack (SCRAPBOOK), DJ Vivona (ICE FROM THE SUN), Jim Ousley (TENNESSEE GOTHIC), Gus Stevenson (DEADWOOD PARK), Haley Jay Madison (HEADLESS), and Katie Groshong (JUG FACE).

“Analog Nightmares” by Richard Mogg covers director Eric Stanze’s early movies and includes a six page interview with the filmmaker!  Read up on the sinister seeds that would grow to become Wicked Pixel Cinema!  A mountain of indie flicks and filmmakers from the VHS boom are covered in these pages as the author presents an epic and fascinating history of low-budget direct-to-video fringe cinema of the 80s and 90s.  Order here!

Michael Den Boer reviews Eric Stanze’s IN MEMORY OF for 10K Bullets:

“An extraordinary film… a surreal road trip through the darkest recesses of the mind. Jackie Kelly delivers an utterly convincing performance that is emotionally raw… The well-executed narrative is overflowing with subtext that makes this film’s finale all the more potent. Recommended.”

– Michael Den Boer, 10K Bullets


Click here to read the full review!
Click here to pick up the Two-Disc Blu-ray of IN MEMORY OF!

For Eric Stanze’s new film IN MEMORY OF, the West Coast International Film Festival awarded Stanze the “THEATRE OPTIQUE AWARD OF INNOVATION – BEST DIRECTOR”!

The fest also handed screenwriters Jason Christ, Jackie Kelly, and Eric Stanze the silver Jury Award for BEST SCREENPLAY!

Order the Two-Disc Blu-ray release of IN MEMORY OF here!

Eminent horror journalist Heather Wixson interviews director/co-writer Eric Stanze about the writing and production of IN MEMORY OF.  Read the interview here!

A fever-dream horror road-trip adventure film, IN MEMORY OF is now available on Blu-ray, a two-disc release that includes a 93 minute making-of documentary.  Details on the new Two-Disc Blu-ray release of IN MEMORY OF are here!

Shot in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, IN MEMORY OF is a sprawling journey through madness that stars Jackie Kelly in her feature film debut.  IN MEMORY OF also stars Jason Christ (RATLINE), Adam Ahlbrandt (director of CROSS BEARER and THE CEMETERY), Emily Haack (SCRAPBOOK), DJ Vivona (ICE FROM THE SUN), Haley Jay Madison (HEADLESS), Jason Allen Wolfe (DEADWOOD PARK, BAD GRANDMAS), and Katie Groshong (A MEASURE OF THE SIN, JUG FACE).

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