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Wicked Pixel Cinema News

Eric Stanze’s Twitter


Eric Stanze wins Best Director at the 14th annual Scare-A-Con Film Festival in Syracuse, NY.

Scare-A-Con 2013 Laurel Leaves - Official SelectionRATLINE - Scare-A-Con NominationsRATLINE - Christ Haack nomineesRATLINE - Best Make-up FX nominationRATLINE - Best Writer nominationRATLINE - Best Director nominationRATLINE - Best Picture nomination

Today’s the day, Wicked folks!

At 11am EST, Eric Stanze’s critically-acclaimed RATLINE slithers its way onto Limited Edition VHS here!

Only 50 of this Collector’s Edition will be made available, so keep your heads about you…


This one-of-a-kind release (autographed by Stanze, himself) includes:

RATLINE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

11×17 poster

SRS Cinema button


Sub Rosa Studios magnet

(Read more about the Wickedness here!)

If too many unsavory characters make you miss your chance,

you can still grab RATLINE on DVD right here.

All DVDs come signed by director Eric Stanze, and, as always, shipping is FREE!

Director Stanze sprouts a second skull for the latest installment

of his “Surviving Cinema” blog.


The gory details are available only at!

Would you like more horror unleashed from director Eric Stanze?

You might be getting your Wicked wish soon…

Take a whiff of what’s burning at the stake here!