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Wicked Pixel Cinema News

Eric Stanze’s Twitter

We’re bursting with excitement over here – SCRAPBOOK on Limited Edition VHS?!?  Yes, please!!!

This Limited Edition VHS of SCRAPBOOK, released by Vultra Video, comes signed by director Eric Stanze, and includes an 11 x 17 movie poster, a Vultra Video sticker, and a surprise item…


When Vultra Video says “limited” …they mean it!


Visit to order yours right now!



It’s the Halloween season!  That calls for a TREAT!  From now through October 31st, everything, yes EVERYTHING, in our webstore is 13% off!

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We think it goes without saying:  Halloween is our favorite holiday.

So… for the month of October, we’ll be treating you tricksters!  Be on the lookout for spooky music videos rising from the vault, vintage photos creeping up from our lurid past, dastardly-discounted deals in our webbed store, and painfully-free gruesome giveaways!  So don your costumes, practice your pranks, and, uh… change your socks.

Thank you to the festivals, the judges, the journalists, the reviewers, the interviewers, the Tweeters, the Facebookers, the YouTubers, and the fans who made RATLINEs first year so amazing!

Director Eric Stanze is already hard at work on his next screenplay.  We can’t wait to show you what’s in store…

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One of the most intriguing things about RATLINE is its soundtrack.  The music within does a sinister job of setting the multi-layered mood intended by director Eric Stanze.  As we near the end of the 1 year anniversary of RATLINE‘s release on DVD, we’d like to highlight the bands who graced our film, and filled our ears.  May they posses yours, as well…

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Tonight marks the end of RATLINE‘s 666 DVD sale!  Seize this sacrificial offering before time runs out!  All of Wicked Pixel Cinema‘s devilish DVDs are autographed by director Eric Stanze, and shipping within the US is free.  This is the last chance to get the RATLINE DVD for only $13.29.  You have been warned…

“…one of Eric Stanze’s best films. Do yourself a favor and check this out.”
- Unrated Magazine, United Kingdom
“Certainly one of this year’s best indie horror releases.”
“…it comes out of nowhere; punches hard and leaves an imprint…  Skillful storytelling applied on genre, in the very best way.”
- Cinezilla

What a year it’s been!  RATLINE has landed on more Top-10, Best-of, and End-of-Year lists than we ever expected.  What started as a labor of love has turned into a solid representation of our abilities, our dedication, and our drive to do more.  Celebrate with us as we look back at the highlights that came from our stubborn belief in kicking down the doors mainstream film tried to errect!

 “Call it a crossroads or a ratline, but never forget its power – or the masterful moviemaker who brought it all to life.”


“Stanze’s films… this might actually be his best yet.


“A reminder that this is still the same guy who made SCRAPBOOK — he still knows how to hit you in the gut. RATLINE is another example of independent American horror film at its best.”


A heartfelt, sincere, THANK YOU to all of our fans.  There is definitely more to come!!!