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Wicked Pixel Cinema News

Eric Stanze’s Twitter

Chad Clinton Freeman and David Rosen discuss what they believe were the cinematic inspirations behind IN MEMORY OF on Episode 18 of the “Piecing It Together” Podcast.  Put your ears to it here.

Chad Clinton Freeman was the founder and director of the late Pollygrind Film Festival.  David Rosen is a motion picture connoisseur and music composer.

Geek To Me Radio interviews IN MEMORY OF stars & co-writers Jackie Kelly and Jason Christ.  Listen here!

You can snag the Two-Disc Blu-ray of IN MEMORY OF here, as well as a limited edition IN MEMORY OF poster, numbered (only 100 printed) and signed by Jackie Kelly, Jason Christ, director Eric Stanze, and the rest of the cast ‘n’ crew!

Horror Society interviews writer/director Eric Stanze about his career, filmmaking, and his new movie IN MEMORY OF.  Read it here!

The mighty Mondo Digital reviews IN MEMORY OF:

“Intense and unnerving… Highly recommended.”

– Mondo Digital

Read the full review at  Pick up the Two-Disc Blu-ray here.

“Intense and riveting… an epic mindf*ck of a movie that never gives your mind a moment to breathe… a creative, wild, and unpredictable ride.” –

Read the full review of Eric Stanze’s new film IN MEMORY OF here.  Order your 2-Disc Blu-ray here!

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