savage harvest dvd


Only bloodshed, violence, and terror now grow in these darkened fields...  And tonight, the harvest begins.

Years ago, a Cherokee elder summoned into our world an evil that eventually destroyed his entire tribe. Now, on the land that was once inhabited by the tribe, demonic forces await the return of this long-dead Cherokee elder. When these demons sense the arrival of the elder’s descendent, they gain the ability to possess human beings. A small group of innocent people trapped on the land must unlock the riddles left behind by the Cherokee elder. Demonic possession consumes one victim after another as showers of blood drench the earth and shrieks of pain echo throughout the forest. The possessed are animalistic, frenzied killing machines, feeding on the warm meat of fresh kills!

Lisa Morrison
Ramona Midgett
William Clifton
David Berliner
DJ Vivona
Rebecca Kennebeck
Rick Fischer
Pat Coffey
Tommy Biondo
Jerry Bates
Runtime: 72 minutes
Released: 1995
DVD Details

NTSC All Region. Dual Layer DVD-9. Dolby Digital Stereo.
Aspect: 1.33:1
Rating: Unrated

Bonus Features

3 Audio Commentary tracks.
Behind-the-scenes featurette.
Music video.
Stills gallery.
Preview trailers.

Additional Information

Written and directed by Eric Stanze.
Produced by DJ Vivona and Eric Stanze.




savage harvest dvd


"...genuinely atmospheric moments of dread... Ample amounts of gore and surprisingly good make up effects make SAVAGE HARVEST a fun horror film..."
"AWESOME movie! Wicked and fun and full of mayhem and gore!"
Thrae Entertainment
"It ain't high brow, it ain't terrifying - but it is fun."
Rogue Cinema
"Pretty damn creative... excellent gore scenes..."
"...doesn't disappoint as a good ol' gorefest... Stylish and extremely well-directed."
Flipside Movie Emporium
"There is great camera work, lots of good ideas, suspense... Stanze has a tremendous imagination. "
Shocking Images Magazine
"Those with a taste for splatter should definitely put SAVAGE HARVEST on their viewing lists."
Amazing World of Cult Movies
"More than essential viewing for fans of indie horror..."
Monsters At Play