When I looked for good, then evil came unto me; And when I waited for light, there came darkness. - Job 30:26

The small community of Eidolon Crossing once boasted a flourishing economy and great prosperity, fueled by an amusement park at the edge of town. Then the child murders began. One by one, murdered children were unearthed on the amusement park property. Finally, the macabre publicity shut the park down entirely and it was abandoned. Jake Richardson is drawn back to Eidolon Crossing, the town where his brother was taken from him 25 years ago. The spirits of the many murdered children begin to contact Jake. He is led back to the abandoned amusement park. Here, in this decaying park, Jake will unlock the horrible secrets of this sinister, blood-soaked town.

William Clifton
Lindsey Dee Luscri
Bryan Lane
Jason Allen Wolfe
Ramona Midgett
Dick Mintzlaff
Joseph R. Engel
Daniel Byington
Benjamin Gaa
Matthew S. Sinopole
Paul Wendell
Jessica Boston
Jason Christ
Runtime: 117 minutes
Released: 2007
DVD Details

2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD released in 2015.
NTSC All Region. Dual Layer DVD-9 x 2 Discs. Dolby Digital Stereo.
Aspect: 1.85:1 / Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: Unrated

Bonus Features

Commentary track by director / writer / executive producer Eric Stanze and actor / executive producer Jason Christ.
Feature-length Documentary: “WELCOME TO EIDOLON CROSSING: The Making Of DEADWOOD PARK”.
Post-Production Featurette.
Crew On Camera Featurette.
Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by director Eric Stanze.
Radio Spot.
Music Video: “Band On Tour” – Performed by Ded Bugs.
Music Video: “Zombie ’79” – Performed by Crypt 33.
Outtakes Reel.
Preview Trailers.

Additional Information

Written and directed by Eric Stanze.
Produced by Jeremy Wallace, Eric Stanze, Jason Christ, and Scott D. Muck.






"Independent film of the year, by far.", Horror Talk Radio
"Easily one of the best independent American horror films of the last decade."
Jason Coffman,
"DEADWOOD PARK is remarkable... A visually stunning and emotionally powerful piece of cinema."
Bill Gibron,
"Impressive... dramatic and quietly creepy."
Michael Gingold, Fangoria Magazine
"A monumental achievement in the world of indie horror films. Highly recommended."
Michael Den Boer, 10K Bullets
“Haunted intensity... straight out of a Stephen King novel. A sight to behold, to say the least.”
Carl Lyon,
“A horror movie that will throw you for a loop. Horrific, disturbing, weird, and cool.”
Frank Estrada, AV Maniacs
"Well written, well directed, and well crafted horror."
Andre Manseau, Arrow In The Head
"Beautifully written and directed. The cinematography is quite stunning. It's without a doubt one of the very best looking independent films that I've ever seen... A finely paced film with real substance."
Steve Tipton, Carnival Of The Grotesque, United Kingdom


Winner Best Feature & Best Cinematography
Freak Show Film Festival, 2007, Orlando, Florida