The skin of the civilized world is growing thin...

Before the fall of Nazi Germany, the most sacred relic of the Nazi party, the Blood Flag, went missing.  This cherished object possessed supernatural powers, infused by the occult experimentation of the SS Paranormal Division.  The flag’s current condition and whereabouts are unknown.  Today, the search for the missing Blood Flag is on, and one man – with diabolical intentions – is getting closer to its hiding place.  The flag is about to be unearthed – with nightmarish, blood-soaked consequences.

Emily Haack
Jason Christ
Alex Del Monacco
Sarah Swofford
Amanda Pemberton
Ryan Bax
Joseph R. Engel
DJ Vivona
Runtime: 103 minutes
Released: 2011
DVD Details

NTSC All Region. Dual Layer DVD-9. Dolby Digital Stereo.
Aspect: 1.85:1 / Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: Unrated

Bonus Features

Commentary track by director Eric Stanze.
Commentary track by actress Emily Haack, actor Jason Christ, and director Eric Stanze.
Hour-long documentary: CROSSING THE LINE: The Making Of RATLINE.
Gag reel.
Deleted scenes.
Preview trailers.

Additional Information

Directed by Eric Stanze.
Written by Eric Stanze and Jason Christ.
Produced by Jeremy Wallace, Eric Stanze, Jessie Seitz, and Jason Christ.





"One of the most original horror experiences of the past decade."
"The story sneaks up on you and wallops you out of nowhere.  A powerful and unforgettable tale... shocking and engaging... unique and ambitious."
"Horror weirdness that defies expectations and is remarkably accomplished. RATLINE is demented madness and highly recommended."
"A reminder that this is still the same guy who made SCRAPBOOK— the picture may be prettier, but he still knows how to hit you in the gut.  RATLINE is another example of independent American horror film at its best."
"One seriously crazy, fearless ride."
"An intelligent, fact-filled, historically accurate story full of all the violence and gore we’re looking for in a horror film.  Leave it to Stanze; only he could pull off such a plot and make it all work."
"Carefully weaves historical fact with horror fiction and tops it with a dose of hard boiled crime drama. Exceptionally well staged and executed."
"…one of Eric Stanze’s best films. The storytelling is great, the filmmaking technique is top of the line… Do yourself a favor and check this out."
Unrated Magazine, United Kingdom
"Do NOT miss RATLINE... It's the kind of movie that makes me love independent movies all over again, as it comes out of nowhere; punches hard and leaves an imprint... Skillful storytelling applied on genre, in the very best way."
"Emily Haack turns in another great performance… RATLINE is certainly one of this year’s best indie horror releases."
"Strong direction, sharp performances from the whole cast… shot beautifully… the story is compelling, and there’s plenty of action. A movie that needs to be on your radar."
Daily Grindhouse
"You have to see this film.  Great acting, and a very cool, interesting storyline.  It's something that I've never seen before."
Gruesome Hertzogg Horror Review Podcast


Listed In Top 100 Essential Alternative Horror Films Of The Last 100 Years
Rue Morgue Magazine
Best Feature in the ‘Crime Film’ category and Best Use Of Music
2011 PollyGrind Film Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada
Official Selection
2011 Freak Show Film Festival, Orlando, Florida
Best Director: Eric Stanze
2013 Scare-A-Con Film Festival, Syracuse, New York
Ranked #1 In The Top Ten ‘Outsider Films’ Of 2011
Listed In The Top Genre Films Of 2011
House Of Ninja Dixon (Sweden), Wildside Cinema (Sweden), Cinezilla, WickedChannel.com, Cinema Head Cheese, PopMatters.com