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 In Memory Of

Two-Disc Blu-Ray   $23.95



Sometimes it’s better to forget.

Directed by Eric Stanze.
Written by Jason Christ, Jackie Kelly, and Eric Stanze.
Produced by Jeremy Wallace, Trevor Williams, Jackie Kelly, Eric Stanze, Jason Christ, and Jason Limberg.
Starring Jackie Kelly, Jason Christ, Adam Ahlbrandt, Emily Haack, DJ Vivona, Jim Ousley, Gus Stevenson, Haley Jay Madison, Jason Allen Wolfe, and Katie Groshong.

Shot in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, this sprawling journey through madness stars Jackie Kelly in her feature film debut. IN MEMORY OF also stars Jason Christ (RATLINE), Adam Ahlbrandt (director of CROSS BEARER and THE CEMETERY), Emily Haack (SCRAPBOOK), DJ Vivona (ICE FROM THE SUN), Haley Jay Madison (SCAREWAVES, HEADLESS), and Katie Groshong (A MEASURE OF THE SIN, JUG FACE).

IN MEMORY OF features original music score by two-time Grammy award-winner Rocky Gray, former drummer for the multi-platinum band Evanescence.

Released in 2018.


“Intense and unnerving… Highly recommended.”
– Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital


“IN MEMORY OF is absolutely stunning… packed with unsettling, hallucinatory imagery… another standout feature from one of the most interesting filmmakers in modern independent horror.”
– Jason Coffman, Daily Grindhouse


“Highly recommended. An unremittingly creepy municipality of the mind where mystery and madness have come home to stay.”
– Tom Stockman, We Are Movie Geeks


“The film is a mindf*ck from hell that will leave you wanting more. Stanze has truly created a nightmare on film and I loved every second of it.”
– Mac Brewer, Horror Society


“An extraordinary film… a surreal road trip through the darkest recesses of the mind. The well-executed narrative is overflowing with subtext that makes this film’s finale all the more potent.  Recommended.”
– Michael Den Boer, 10K Bullets


“Captivating… Stanze’s most mature and ambitious feature to date…”
– Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!


“Intense and riveting… a creative, wild, and unpredictable ride.”
– Marc Fusion,


Theatre Optique Award Of Innovation – Best Director: Eric Stanze

2018 West Coast International Film Festival, Malibu, California


Silver Jury Award – Best Screenplay
Jason Christ, Jackie Kelly, Eric Stanze

2018 West Coast International Film Festival, Malibu, California


Award of Merit for outstanding Feature Film

2018 IndieFEST Film Awards, La Jolla, California


Award of Merit for Leading Actress Jackie Kelly

2018 IndieFEST Film Awards, La Jolla, California


Award of Recognition for Supporting Actor Jason Christ

2018 IndieFEST Film Awards, La Jolla, California



Blu-ray Details:
Two-Disc Collector’s Edition.
NTSC All Region ABC.  Disc One: 50GB Dual Layer / Disc Two: 25GB Single Layer
1080p High Definition /16×9 Widescreen
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 122 Minutes

Bonus Features:
Commentary track by director Eric Stanze.
Commentary track by actress Jackie Kelly, actor Jason Christ, and director Eric Stanze.
GRAY MATTER – original music score featurette.
Deleted scenes with optional commentary track by director/editor Eric Stanze.
Preview trailer.
THOUGHT PROCESS: The Making Of IN MEMORY OF – 93 minute behind-the-scenes documentary.

When a medical experiment turns into a blood-soaked nightmare, the only surviving subject flees for her life. Painfully missing her most precious memories of childhood, pummeled by horrific hallucinations, and pursued by those who stand to profit from her damaged brain, Amber Sheridan embarks on a cross-country road trip to track down a mysterious stranger – the one man who has the ability to end Amber’s madness, and restore the memories that have been stolen from her.

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