Horror Society Reviews Eric Stanze’s SCRAPBOOK

The 15 Year Anniversary DVD of SCRAPBOOK gets scrutinized at HorrorSociety.com! “The first horror film that I have seen in my adult life that scared me… Some of the most unnerving pieces of cinema I have seen to date… Essential viewing for any horror fan.” – HorrorSociety.com Read the full review here.  DVD available here.

Cinesploitation Peers Into The “Putrid And Fetid” Soul Of SCRAPBOOK

Cinesploitation.com reviews SCRAPBOOK, directed by Eric Stanze: “Emotion-shattering… unsettling, upsetting, and uncompromising… (a) masterpiece of squirm-inducing underground horror. I can see how some viewers could write this off as just another ‘shocking’ indie horror or ‘torture porn’ but it’s pretty apparent from the beginning that SCRAPBOOK has something else; a soul, as putrid and fetid […]

Rue Morgue Magazine Lists RATLINE Among The “100 Essential Alternative Horror Films” Of The Last 100 Years

RATLINE makes the list of the top “100 Essential Alternative Horror Films” of the past 100 years! Rue Morgue ranks RATLINE among Alfred Hitchcock’s THE LODGER, Howard Hawks’s THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, William Castle’s THE TINGLER, Roger Corman’s THE MAN WITH X-RAY EYES, Bob Clark’s CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS, Michael Crichton’s WESTWORLD, Frank […]