Unless otherwise noted, only ONE of each of these items was created and used for filming!  You are guaranteed to possess the actual prop seen on screen!

Pricing listed for each prop is for U.S. customers only… and shipping is free!  If you wish to purchase a prop and have it shipped outside of the United States, please email props@wickedpixel.com, specify the prop(s) you wish to buy and to where you’d like them shipped.  You will receive a quote for non-U.S. shipping charges as well as special ordering instructions.

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  Nazi Uniform

Nazi UniRAT-Nazi Uniform1-cap

Hat, pants, belt, coat, collar rank patches, swastika arm band, and 2 swastika pins.  Heavily featured in RATLINE’s “Military Film” sequence.




Amanda “Apnea” Pemberton’s Bloody Body Paint Art

Blood Paint SheetRAT-Treesheet-cap

Former Suicide Girl “Apnea” covered herself in body paint and writhed against this white sheet in the “Satanic Cult Ceremony” scene.  This was shot in a single take, so only one of these exists!




Time Capsule Briefcase


Frank Logan finally finds the missing BloodFlag by unearthing this briefcase, hidden in the walls of the high school as a time capsule.  (The same briefcase is used in a few flashback shots.)




Satanic Cult Pentagram Sheet

Punk PentagramRAT-Pentasheet-cap2

This white sheet painted with a black pentagram was placed on the floor for the satanic cult’s botched human sacrifice.  (They ended up getting slain themselves on this sheet.)




Satanic Cult Leader Wardrobe

Satanic Cult Leader WardrobeRAT-RyanCOMBO-cap

This is the wardrobe worn by Ryan Bax as Howard, the satanic cult leader.  You get his Slayer t-shirt, the black shirt he is killed in, and the pants he pees in just before he is killed.




Drug Dealer Darren’s Wardrobe

Drug Dealer DarrenRAT-Darren-cap

This is the shirt worn by DJ Vivona as Darren.  There are four multiples of this wardrobe to accommodate multiple takes of the gunshot squibs.  One price gets you all four shirts.




Dress Worn By Miles’s Mom

Mom WardrobeRAT-Momdress-cap

In a flashback, the mother of young Miles Webb prepares to escape Nazi Germany wearing this dress.




Opening Scene Wardrobe

Opening Scene WardrobeRAT-Garagethug-cap

This is the mechanics’ wardrobe worn in the opening scene of the movie.  The drug dealers are shot and killed wearing these shirts.  You get one white t-shirt, one white tank top, and three multiples of the shirt actor Steven Heffernan is killed in.




Satanic Cult Member Wardrobe

Cult Member UniformRAT-Paulsshirt-cap

This is the shirt worn by Paul Lancia as Billy, a member of the satanic cult.  This is the shirt he is killed in, evidenced by the knife holes in it.




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