Complete Your DVD Collection With SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD

savage harvest 2 dvd

This week, in honor of her birthday, we’ve been revisiting the films of Wicked Pixel Cinema’s Emily Haack (RATLINE, SCRAPBOOK).  Never known to back down from a role, she attacks each of her characters with forceful honesty.  Buy SAVAGE HARVEST 2:  OCTOBER BLOOD, SCRAPBOOK, and RATLINE, and see what we mean!

SAVAGE HARVEST 2 buzz:  “Haack offers an overwhelming and defining sadness… I was more than impressed… she shines again.”  –
RATLINE buzz:  “Emily Haack turns in another great performance… RATLINE is certainly one of this year’s best indie horror releases.”
SCRAPBOOK buzz:  “You’ll hear some people say ‘horror is dead’, but those are people that aren’t aware of movies like this… Emily Haack [is] reason enough to watch. Fear is projected perfectly through [her] eyes… a voyeuristic and provocative look at a deranged mind and his victim’s will to escape.”  –
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