Heather Wixson Interviews Eric Stanze For DailyDead.com

Daily Grindhouse Reviews IN MEMORY OF

Eminent horror journalist Heather Wixson interviews director/co-writer Eric Stanze about the writing and production of IN MEMORY OF.  Read the interview here!

A fever-dream horror road-trip adventure film, IN MEMORY OF is now available on Blu-ray, a two-disc release that includes a 93 minute making-of documentary.  Details on the new Two-Disc Blu-ray release of IN MEMORY OF are here!

Shot in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, IN MEMORY OF is a sprawling journey through madness that stars Jackie Kelly in her feature film debut.  IN MEMORY OF also stars Jason Christ (RATLINE), Adam Ahlbrandt (director of CROSS BEARER and THE CEMETERY), Emily Haack (SCRAPBOOK), DJ Vivona (ICE FROM THE SUN), Haley Jay Madison (HEADLESS), Jason Allen Wolfe (DEADWOOD PARK, BAD GRANDMAS), and Katie Groshong (A MEASURE OF THE SIN, JUG FACE).