Gus Stevenson Talks Horror Movie Music Scores On “We Need To Talk About Horror”

Music score composer Gus Stevenson participates in Destroy The Brain’s podcast “We Need To Talk About Horror” Episode 50: “Top 5 Horror Scores” hosted by Andy Triefenbach. Gus is the music score creator for our movie RATLINE and co-creator of the music score for our most recent film, IN MEMORY OF. Listen to Episode 50 […]

Eric Stanze Interviewed On The Piecing It Together Podcast About IN MEMORY OF

IN MEMORY OF writer/director Eric Stanze is interviewed by the Piecing It Together Podcast about the cinematic inspirations that fueled the creation of IN MEMORY OF.  Put your ears to it here. The Two-Disc Blu-ray release of IN MEMORY OF is available here. Trailer and details about the film are here. IN MEMORY OF stars Jackie Kelly and […]

Heather Wixson Interviews Eric Stanze For

Eminent horror journalist Heather Wixson interviews director/co-writer Eric Stanze about the writing and production of IN MEMORY OF.  Read the interview here! A fever-dream horror road-trip adventure film, IN MEMORY OF is now available on Blu-ray, a two-disc release that includes a 93 minute making-of documentary.  Details on the new Two-Disc Blu-ray release of IN MEMORY OF […]